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Reading Measures OnLine (RMOL)SM

What could be more natural than listening to your child read?


Strong reading skills at the elementary and middle school grades represent the foundation for all future academic success. Reading Measures OnLine (RMOL)SM is a simple diagnostic assessment tool designed to allow you - the parent - to ensure your child in grades 1 through 8 is developing these vital skills. Reported results also include simple activities you can use to improve your child's skills.

Key features:

  • RMOLSM allows you to monitor your child’s reading in two key areas: Oral Reading Fluency (including decoding and expression) and Reading Comprehension.
  • Two passages are included on each test, one fiction and the other nonfiction.
  • The oral reading component provides you with a solid understanding of your child's decoding skills.
  • Comprehension questions, especially at the higher grades, challenge students to read carefully and thoughtfully before selecting the best answer.
  • A full assessment takes about 15-20 minutes.
  • At each grade level, three different assessments are available for Fall (Aug - Nov), Winter (Dec - Mar) and Spring (Apr - July).
  • Parent-friendly instructional ideas are included, allowing you to target skill areas where your child is weak.

About the Reading Passages

The reading passages were carefully selected and, in many cases, adapted to ensure the proper level of reading challenge for the grade.

  • Where possible, authentic classic literature and folk tales were used as sources of fiction, from Paul Bunyan, to Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper, to Jack London’s The Sea Wolf.
  • Nonfiction passages include topics in history or science, such as George Washington, Florence Nightingale, Frederick Douglass, and The Tides and the Moon.
The selections were designed to add interest and to reflect a challenging, quality text at the student’s grade level. As a reading assessment, rather than one of history or science, students are not tested on their prior knowledge of the content.

A full listing of the passages on each test is available at:
RMOLSM Authentic Reading Passages.


Your private information and that of your child is protected. Access to the online system is through a unique username and password that you create. Similarly, you create a unique username and password for your child to access the system and take a test. Your information is never shared with any outside parties and is securely stored.



Signing up for an account is free and each RMOL
SM assessment can be assigned to a student for only $2.95. After the assessment is complete, you can login at any time to see the results.

Test Administration

1) Listen to your child read aloud for 2 minutes - 1 minute for each of the two passages - using the included tools and timer to mark down any mistakes that you hear your child make. (2 to 3 minutes)

2) Enter the results into AWHomeTest using your secure account. (2 to 3 minutes)

3) Your child finishes any unread text in the passages silently and answers 8 to 12 multiple choice questions using the online system. (About 10 minutes at lower grades; about 15 minutes at higher grades.)

4) Results are immediately available.


Once your child has completed a RMOLSM assessment, scores are instantly available.

On an Individual Test Report, you can view a snapshot of results, including:

  • Decoding Rate
  • Decoding Accuracy
  • Expression
  • Literal Comprehension
  • Inferential Comprehension 
On a Student Transcript Report, you can view trends over time, including in the same academic year as well as across grades.

Teaching Ideas for Parents (TIPS)

RMOLSM reports provide access to easy-to-use Teaching Ideas for Parents (TIPS) that enable you to help your child improve. There are detailed, research-based TIPS for each subset of reading skills measured on the assessment, so you can focus on the areas that matter most to your child.


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