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May 2007

Arithmetic Online™ is an easily accessible, web-based tool that parents and educators will be able to use to determine whether children have mastered the fundamentals of arithmetic. When the test is released to the public (summer 2007), parents and schools can log on to a safe and easily navigable web site, test their students online, and receive test results and diagnostic information within moments.
Testing can occur any place where there is a computer with internet access. Students do not need to prepare or study for this test, and need only scratch paper and a pencil. Key features of Arithmetic Online:

  • designed to pinpoint specific strengths and weakness in a student’s arithmetic knowledge.
  • measures fluency in arithmetic knowledge of basic math facts and mental calculations.
  • measures knowledge of basic principles of arithmetic as well as computational fluency and problem solving.
  • measures knowledge of the standard algorithms in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • instructors can use the test for troubleshooting and for finding the gaps and “gray areas” in student knowledge. It is an easy way for instructors to discover the kinds of problems their students need to practice more thoroughly, and to identify key areas where individual students need more instruction or mentoring.
  • aligned both with the many state content standards on arithmetic and with the new NCTM Curriculum Focal Points.
  • is a research-based test and its development is funded by the US Department of Education. It targets all core arithmetic skills that students must have from grade 3 on determined by research as critical for the introduction of algebra and higher level mathematics.
  • provides students with an excellent oportunity to practice standardized test taking skills before many spring math testing programs.
  • for all students in grades 3 through 8 (in their math curriculum) who can operate a computer can take the test.

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