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Dr. Kathleen Madigan and her niece Emma

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Here you will find information that has been specifically selected or developed for you by Dr. Kathleen Madigan (Dr. M). Dr. M is a nationally recognized educator. She has been a teacher, principal, and college professor. Currently she is the senior research scientist for Accountability Works (the organization that brings you AWHomeTest). As a parent with over 30 years of experience in education, Dr. M is always on the lookout for effective and efficient ways for you to help your children with their schoolwork. As a researcher, she finds interesting ideas in all sorts of places: cognitive science, psychology, teacher and parent magazines, homeschool websites, teacher webpages, etc. Her goal, however, is to make sure that the resources she shares are not FADs, but based on real evidence. If a resource meets her standards as being practical for parents AND supported by research, then she will share it with you!

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Study Skills

Is Homework a Hassle? Are assignments forgotten? Does your child avoid reading the textbook? Find proven ways to improve your child’s study skills by clicking here.

Quick Notes From Dr. M

I found some step-by-step instr
uctional videos on the Discovery website. Check these out!

♦ Short Video Clips Show Elements of Writing: Style, Grammar, and Mechanics--Be sure to check the grade level of the video example that you select, otherwise the explanations may seem a bit off.

♦ Short Video Clips Show How Science Connects to Things that Students Know About. There are several videos on earth science with a focus on water; physical science with a focus on chemistry; life science with a focus on backyard habitats (e.g. birds and bugs). In addition, on the same page, there are some engaging videos of other Discovery explorations in science (e.g., Jeff Corwin and Bill Nye) that most kids (and parents) find very interesting.