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School testing
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Key points to remember

  • There are two test forms at each grade, and we are asking that each student completes each form for his or her grade to finish the pilot/field testing project.
  • Each form can be taken back-to-back in the same session.
  • Most students will finish each form in well under 45 minutes (the average is currently 35 minutes), however, plan for about 60 minutes, just in case a child takes more time to perform the calculations.
  • The timer does not push the student to the next problem when it reaches 0, but it encourages him to perform quickly. Encourage students whose timers have gone into negative numbers.
  • The student can take a break during testing simply by pressing an [Exit] button.
  • Students who exit the test and login again will be returned to the place where they were last located in the test.
  • Test forms are randomly assigned within a grade level.
  • Once a student begins a test form, she must complete the form before starting any other form.
  • In grades 4 - 6, about 10% of students in a class will be assigned test forms one grade level below the actual grade. All students in grades 7 & 8 take the ATOL_G6 form.

During testing, do the following
  • Step the student through the Practice Form testing instructions.
  • Encourage the students to do their best.
  • Refrain from providing help with answering the questions.
  • Monitor the student during their Review, and remind them not to make changes to the Math Facts.

Setting the tone

  • The pilot/field testing phase is critical to build a high-quality test, and student attitude and effort can affect the test quality.
  • Set the proper tone for testing by informing students that their effort will be used to help students across the country to learn math.
  • Encourage your students to do their best.

Detailed instructions
Stepping through the test
  1. Student logs in under [ Student Login ].
  2. Student sees three test forms:
  • a. Practice Form.
  • b. ATOL_Gx
  • c. ATOL_Gx.
  1. Student opens the Practice Form.
  2. Test proctor reads instructions outload with students and steps the students through the instructions for each item in the Practice Form.
  3. Grade 3 students should skip the fraction and mixed number questions in the practice form.
  4. Student reads and understands Review process in the Practice Form.
  5. Student finalizes and submits results for Practice Form. (Total time about 4 minutes.)
  6. Student logs in again.
  7. Student takes one of the regular test forms (e.g., ATOL_G3 for a 3rd grader)
  8. Student takes test, reviews items, except the Math Facts, and finalizes and submits results.
  9. After a few days, but before April 30, return to step 8, and step through the same sequence one more time.

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