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Preparations before testing: (School testing proctors)

Browser setup
  1. Place the link below on the student computers' homepage, and label it "ATOL Student Login": http://www.achievementtestingonline.com/mod/testing/login.php
  2. Check to see that the link takes you directly to the student login.
  3. Notice all ATOL links on the left sidebar. Those under "School" will give you guidance.
  4. The same student login link is found on the main ATOL homepage.
  5. Pop-up window blocker should be OFF.
  6. Internet Explorer 6/7, Safari 1.3x & 2x, Firefox 1.5x/2x, Camino 1xb have operated well. The ATOL testing platform has not been checked out on Netscape and older versions of Safari and Firefox.
  7. If your school network is on a proxy server, Mac users should use Safari 2x.
  8. If you encounter a browser problem, contact us here .
The Practice Form
  1. You will need to step the students through the Practice Form on their first testing day.
  2. To familiarize yourself with the Practice Form before you start testing, you might print each page of the Practice Form as you step through it, ( it is difficult to go back in the browser during testing.)
  3. Be sure to complete the Practice Form, and "Finalize and Submit". During testing, the ATOL system always returns the user to the place they left off.
  4. To access the Practice Form, login as a student. Click here for special login code requests.
  5. ATOL will send each test proctor a special username and password, to log in and take the Practice Form.
Student labels
  1. Students need unique usernames and passwords. You should have received label sheets via email with the anonymous student usernames.
  2. Each student should have their own username passcode on an index card to begin testing.
  3. This card should not be used by another student.
  4. Have the student print his or her name on the card. This serves as the username assignment record. Do not lose the cards.
  5. If you discover an ID problem during the course of the field test, notify ATOL support using this link: atol@accountabilityworks.org

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