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Setting the tone
The pilot/field testing phase is critical to build a high-quality test, and student attitude and effort can affect the test quality.
Informing students that their effort will be used to help students across the country to learn math may help dispose them to work on a test that they know is not part of their grade. Encourage your students to do their best, but do not give them any assistance solving a problem.

Stepping through the test

  1. Parent enrolls students in [My Account] and registers each student for testing in [Test Form Selection].
  2. Parent clicks on logout button.
  3. Student logs in under [ Student Login ].
  4. In round 1, student first opens the Practice Form.
  5. Have student read the instructions (for younger students, parents should be available for assistance.)
  6. Step the student(s) through the instructions and each item in the Practice Form.
  7. Refrain from providing help with answering the questions except in the Practice Form.
  8. Grade 3 students should skip the fraction and mixed number questions in the practice form.
  9. Student reads and understands Review process in the Practice Form.
  10. Student finalizes and submits results. (Total time about 2 minutes.)
  11. Student logs in again.
  12. Student opens the regular test form (e.g., ATOL_G3 for a 3rd grader)
  13. Student takes all test questions.
  14. Student begins review of test items, except the Math Facts, and finalizes and submits results.
  15. (Total time about 60 minutes, but plan for 90 minutes.)
  16. After a few days, but before April 30, return to step 11, and repeat the same sequence one more time.
  • Test results will become available in early May. You will be notified via email of their availability.
  • Your unlimited family/school use of Arithmetic Online™ begins in early June, when the test is released to the public. After that, test results are provided immediately upon test completion.
  • Click on the link and send us your comments about the testing process: atol@accountabilityworks.org
  • Be sure to let us know if there was a problem during the administration or review of any test item.

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