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General Notes

General Notes for parents

  • There are two test forms at each grade, and we are asking that students complete each form in their respective grades levels to complete the pilot/field testing project. Both forms can be completed on the same day, but do not start the second round of testing more than one week from the first round.
  • Most students will finish each form in well under 1 hour, however, plan on 90 minutes for children who take more time for testing.
  • The student can take a break during testing simply by pressing an [Exit] button, but try not to disrupt the testing session for more than one hour.  Students who exit the test simply login again and will be automatically returned to the place where they were last located in the test.  
  • If you have two or more computers in your home connected to the internet, two or more students can test at the same time. You will set up each student with his or her own username and password. Students should not share this with other students in the house (to prevent a student inadvertently logging in under the other student's identity.)
  • Once a student begins a test form, he must finalize and submit it before he can begin a different form.  Login to the ATOL system will automatically return you to any unfinished test.
  • Just before testing:
    • Review the Testing instructions, with special attention given to the Review, and the Math Facts.
  • During testing:
  1. Assist the student with the testing instructions, especially in the Practice Form (see below),
  2. Encourage the student to do his or her best.
  3. Refrain from providing help with answering the questions. 
  • Test item results will become available in early May. You will be notified via email of their availability.
  • Your unlimited family use of Arithmetic Online™ begins in early June, when the test is released to the public. After that, complete test results are provided immediately upon test completion.

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